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    error +2082

    kilyas2007 Level 1
      I am using yahoo maps, and since I am using flex 2 I had to use yahoo flash file since their maps library was not yet available for 2.0. Now though it works initially but then I start getting the following error:

      ArgumentError: Error #2082: Connect failed because the object is already connected.

      Now I have to close the browser and then start all over again. This would not be acceptable to the client, is there a work around?

      code is as follows:

      private function initCom():void {

      _locLis = new LocalConnection();
      _locLis.client = this;
      //if(count <1 ){
      _locSend = new LocalConnection();

      public function sendData(strMethod:String, ... args):void {
      _locSend.send("swf8Lis", strMethod, args);