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    How to set up Windows with Reader and certificate for all users


      Good afternoon (GMT),


      we're dealing with a Win XP (SP3) system that is set up by an Administrator. One task is to set up the system in a way that all users (w/o admin rights) become able to read a certified-protected PDF. Currently we know a way to install the "public key" for this certificate only for one known user. But how to proceed when not all users are known? The users shall later on never be asked to confirm the certification installation/registration.

      If it helps, here is the software version:

      Acrobat 8.12 to encrypt the PDF via certification. In near future I will switch to Acrobat 9.x

      Reader 7.x and/or 8.x on customer PCs.

      Thank you for ideas and hints.

      BTW: Next time we want to provide a solution for Win7 systems, too.