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    wmv - NumberOfFrames:0

    Dedinne Level 1



      Adobe Premiere Pro CS4



      Subject : WMV export from Premiere


      I have imported videos in Premiere (avi, swf) to export them as wmv.


      For similar movies exported, with same settings in Export window, videos can be different in there "NumberOfFrames" when I read them with GSPOT.

      Some of them have 0 as "NumberOfFrames". As result, these videos with "0" cannot be read on other version of Windows (can be read only with Vista).


      I don't understand why similar video (happens with a same video exported more than once) exported as wmv does have a "NumberOfFrames" with 0!


      Hope you understand, it is not easy to explain. I really need to find out what is the problem.


      Thanks in advance for any help.