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    Flash with SoThink Menu problems


      Not sure if anyone has any experience with SoThink's Menu Builder, but I downloaded the program to build a mega drop down menu.  When previewing it the browser, it works just fine.  So now I am building a webpage to put it in.  I am building a simple table to make sure it works.  I inserted a google ad in one cell previewed in browser and the google ad and the new menu are there and working fine. I put a flash banner in 2 other cells

      , previewed in browser and netiher are showing up.  I have used Flash before and never had a problem, so my question is

      , is there a known issue with these 2 programs?  Am I doing something wrong?  My preference would be to use this new menu, but still have Flash items on the page, need to make sure I am doing this right.  I'm hoping someone can look at the code and give me a clue. Thanks.


      For some reason I can;t cut and paste the code into here!!!