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    Testing, remote and local server synchronize and save actions


      In DW4 I have my local folder, a testing server and my remote server. All are working and I can access the the testing and remote with the browser. No problem here.


      I close DW, restart it. In the Files window it says "Local view". I open a file, make some changes and hit ctrl S to save it. Go to the testing server and the changes are there.

      So far this is what I thought would happen.


      Next I place my cursor over the file (still says "Local View" in the files window) right click and do synchronize. Click Preview and it says no sync needed. And no changes have shown up in the remote server yet.

      This is not what I thought should happen.


      So next I choose "Remote view" in the files window. Make a change to the open but saved file. Save it again - and the changes show in the remote server but NOT in the testing server.


      Switch the files window back to "Local view", make a change to the file, save it - it shows in the remote server again not the testing server.


      If I change the files window to "Testing server" then back to "Local view" then make a change and save it, the changes THEN show in the testing server.


      It seems the last place I chose in the files window is where the file gets saved.


      Is this normal - and if so - is there anywhere it's documented as to how it works - and why?


      My local root folder is on my drive C, my remote server is accesed through local/network, and my testing server is a different location but accesses local/network.




      leon ...