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    Pre Pro CS4


      I have a ATI Radeon HD 2500 Pro card I use with my sony mini dv player to upload my mini dv videos right now.

      My problem is I would like to start converting my old VHS tapes to DVD and I don't have a way as yet to connect my VCR to the computer.

      My VC only has RCA outputs. My computer only has mutipin and it looks like a Super V and USB inputs.

      I thought maybe I could go through the Mini DV player and then to the computer but the inputs on that do not take RCA either.

      What do I need to do,


      http://images.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=ATI+Radeon+HD+2500+Pro&btnG=Search&meta=&aq=f&aqi=& aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Your ATI card is completely irrelevant here. Capturing can only be done over fire wire. No way to ingest using your ATI card. Only way to do that is using something between your VHS player and the computer, like a Pyro or Canopus ADVC box or a DV camera to act as a pass-thru and converter to get the analog signal from VHS to a digital DV signal over fire wire.

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            hotphoto Level 1

            Thank you very much, I will look into doing that.

            I know my Panasonic mini dv cameras do not have RCA inputs, I do not have the more expensive pro models that do. So I will look into the other products you suggest.

            Thx Phil

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Old forum message, message now gone, but here's the summary - I have not used, only made note of the product "Matt with Grass Valley Canopus in their tech support department stated that the 110 will suffice for most hobbyist. If a person has a lot of tapes that were played often the tape stretches and the magnetic coding diminishes. If your goal is to encode tapes in good shape buy the 110, if you will be encoding old tapes of poor quality buy the 300"


              http://www.grassvalley.com/products/advc110 for good tapes, or
              http://www.grassvalley.com/products/advc300 better with OLD tapes

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                hotphoto Level 1

                Thx for your help, these tapes range from

                20 to 8 years old, all of

                them have been played at most 3

                times each. They come in sets of 2 for each year.

                I feel they are in good shape physically, ignoring the quaility

                of the actual cameras themselves.

                I have checked out the prices a specs for

                the Canopus' but I see you don't mention the Pyro

                that Harm mentioned and that piece of hardwear

                is at least half the price of the Canopus


                is there a big difference in the two different models?

                The 110 is on ebay for 216 canadian and the 550 is listed

                at the site above for 85 U.S.

                The 110 and the API 550?

                Thanks again for your help.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  I only have hands-on experience with the Canopus 110, but have heard around the forum that the Pyro works good as well. If I were to buy one now, I would probably look at Canopus, being biased with positive experiences with Canopus products, like the DV Storm and the 110.

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                    hotphoto Level 1

                    Thx Harm,

                    Yeah I think is like everything else, you get what you pay for.

                    I am going to throw these tapes out after I convert them so

                    I do want to have the quality there. Is there a problem with firmware

                    with the Canopus? Do you have to send it back to Canopus for this?

                    Another question for you, in all your conversations, how often should

                    you backup DVD's you have made? 5 years, 7 years or 10 years etc.?

                    Any varibles with this? ie: make of blanks, how often they are played

                    and how they are stored?

                    Thx very much.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Thx for your help, these tapes range from 20 to 8 years old, all of them have been played at most 3 times each.


                      I've had to work with similar tapes, going back even a bit more, and stored in the AZ heat. One bit of advice, that might help is to Play the tapes through one time, and then Play them in reverse (not Rewind, which is much faster). Yes, this will have the heads in contact with the tape, but you will effectively retention the tape, and hopefully smooth out any "hub bump." I feel that the slower speed offsets the head contact on the tapes. It takes awhile, but I've found it to be well worth the efforts, especially when the tape was not completely rewound, prior to being tossed into a box.


                      I also will go along with Harm's suggestion on the Canopus/Grassvalley ADVC-110, or 300 units. The extra on the 300 is the timebase corrections available during Capture. One can do most of that work with Effects, but that does take time and processing power when Rendering/Exporting. The ADVC-300 will get you closer to the best possible output, though it does come with a price - weigh your time vs that price differential to see if it makes sense to you.


                      Good luck,



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        You know, I would not throw out the tapes. Things can happen, and they are the originals. Think of all the remastered films, that would not exist, if Hollywood had thrown away all the original negs.


                        As for brands of DVD blank media, I strongly recommend either Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden. I use each, T-Y's for DVD-5's and Verbatim for DVD-9. Never had one issue, never had one return. On the DVD-5's, I'm more than half-way through my second lot of 1000. With the Verbatims, I am now at about 350-400, so my batting average is quite good with those two brands. I do not bother with any others.


                        As for the longevity of burned DVD's, I think that the studies are still on-going. I have not heard of mass failures. It might take another 10 years, before results start showing a trend. Just store in a proper case, keep away from a lot of UV light, and in a dry environment.


                        Good luck,