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    Please help me with FLV Playback

      I have set a FLV player in my flash document. It loads external videos. Over the FLV Player screen I have a MovieClip called "Videoclick" which says "Press here to start video" and disappears when you press the play button. Here is the code:

      //Setting the FLV Player Component//

      var cfp:mx.video.FLVPlayback;
      var cppb:MovieClip;
      var cpsb:MovieClip;
      var cpvb:MovieClip;
      var cpmb:MovieClip;
      player_mc.cfp.playPauseButton = player_mc.cppb;
      player_mc.cfp.stopButton = player_mc.cpsb;
      player_mc.cfp.volumeBar = player_mc.cpvb;
      player_mc.cfp.muteButton = player_mc.cpmb;

      //the code to make Videoclick disappear and start playback//

      player_mc.cppb.onPress = function() {
      if (_root.VideoClick._alpha=100) {
      _root.VideoClick._alpha = 0;
      } else if (FLVPlayback.playing=true) {
      } else if (FLVPlayback.playing=false) {
      player_mc.cpsb.onPress = function() {
      _root.VideoClick._alpha = 100;
      player_mc.cfp.contentPath = ("videos/"+Teaser[_root._currentframe-FrameDifMarketing]);

      The problem I'm having is that the "Videoclick" movieclip disappears and the video starts playing (as I want) but after that, the pause button doesn't work anymore.

      I haven't many actionscrip experience and any help would be appreciated.