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    External monitor on CS4 / stuttering playback


      I'm moving from CS3 and Matrox RTX2 (HDV editing) to new PC i730 based, Win7 64 Bit. New panasonic AVCHD camera HMC151 hence move to CS4.

      From a relatively  stable situation with CS3 and my old PC  I am now ploughing through early pain

      First issue - monitoring timeline output on External DVI monitor - using ATI 5750 Radeon card with twin DVI. Can't use Matrox anymore as no support for AVCHD.

      With AVCHD clips loaded on timeline - all is more or less OK in main program monitor in Premiere CS4. Then enable output onto external DVI second monitor (Extend desktop)

      Footage is jerky and un-useable.

      Latest ATI graphic card drivers loaded.

      First thing - does anyone have a link to advise on optimising Win 7 Start up to kill unwanted processes?. Maybe that is part to blame but I suspect ATI drivers??


      Also - any help/comments  from anyone reliably monitoring AVCHD timeline playback via External monitor with smooth video playback with native AVCHD clips on the timeline.

      New PC seems fast enough normally - but in CS4 not even performing as well as my Intel Core 2 Duo machine with CS3 and MAtrox RTX2.

      Any pointers welcome





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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Have a look here:  http://www.blackviper.com/Windows_7/servicecfg.htm


          and also use Process Explorer to kill or suspend processes.

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            JonesVid Level 1

            Well I have spent hours on this since posting, reducing processes in Win 7 and scouring the Forum for other ideas. In fact the problem is worse than I thought - the actual program source monitor is not smooth either. I see losts of posts about stuttering playback of AVCHD in CS4. So I thought I would try the Edius Neo 2 Booster Software that came with my Panasonic AVCHD camera. Results are somewhat different to Premiere CS4. Very fluid video no stuttering - perfect 25 fps. Tried render and output export to an H264 Blu Ray compatible file. This seemed to be faster than Adobe Media Encoder and video quality superb!. As a user of Premiere for some many years do I now finally give up?. With an investment in a new PC with i7 930 processor, loads of RAM. hi index performance score on Win 7, blazing fast Radeon garphics card and CS4 still does not perform. Question - has anybody got AVCHD editing and playback to work properly on CS4?. If yes please share the secret. CS4 is not a low cost product. I personally don't expect all these time wasting issues on such a product. Seriously - any more pointers to get the system to run properly on CS4 would be more than welcome ....I've just tried the fifth driver release on my ATI graphics card....... If anyone from Adobe UK (Video team) is reading this Forum - can I bring my system around for you to get working correctly on Win 7 64 bit with CS4 please. ?