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    All content invisible in flash AS 3.0


      I am new to flash and was wondering if someone could help with this issue.  Flash cs4 was installed and worked fine until lately. I cannot draw, use pen, shape tools, or load any previous pictures created in flash using the actionscript 3.0 new doc create.  When I click/drag-- the image is there, but as soon as I unclick the image dissapears.  Properties inspector shows that there is content but they are invisible.  .fla files that I hve created and saved before open, but page is blank. The weirdest thing is that when I open a new doc using the AS 2.0 selection, everything works fine.I am somewhat coherent in the basic functionality of flash, and have tried the obvious i.e. fill and stroke colors,  but I don't remember changing any settings.  Hoping I am overlooking something