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    Drop-down menus hangs


      Hi, ever so often, my menus hangs when I try to select something. It's the same in the "Files" window — I highlight a file and right click to get my options, when menu opens, the highlight gets stuck on some menu item and I can't select anything. It takes a few seconds for the hang to "release" and I have to start over right clicking again — sometimes this keeps happening over and over.


      I've noticed that I can get it to "release" quicker if I hit the "esc" key.


      What's going on?


      Hanna in Tahoe

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          greenbluewave Level 1

          I've been having this same problem as well as other for years now.  I can only assume Adobe simply doesn't care?  I think the problem happens when there's certain ajax content being displayed, but I'm not sure.  Since Adobe doesn't bother to look into this I gave up a long time ago.  When this happens it makes Dreamweaver a useless tool for web development.