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    Stumped adding flash video to my website

    Ronnie 1.8

      I've been trying to find the  cause, and solution, to my problem w/ inserting a flash video (created  by converting mp4 to flv) onto my website.  For now, I'm using a test  page until I find the solution.  From CS4, I choose INSERT, MEDIA,  FLV....  All works as expected.  I put all files, including the 4  dependent files created by CS4, onto my remote server.  I am able to  successfully use "Live View", and also successfully preview in both IE  and Firefox.  However, when I go to the page on my website, I get the  message in my status bar, "Waiting for www.firstreflectionav.com...".   The page is http://www.firstreflectionav.com/test/Untitled-3.html.   I am absolutely positive I am putting all local files to my remote  server. I've also confirmed with my host that the file extensions.flv and .swf are both enabled through their MIME map policy, even though I get this message when I navigate directly to my .flv file (http://www.firstreflectionav.com/test/services.flv).


      Please try the following:

      • Contact the Web site administrator to alert them that they have not  enabled the necessary file extensions through their MIME map policy.

      HTTP Error 404.3 - File or directory not found: MIME map policy  prevents this request.
      Internet Information Services (IIS)


      The only reason I'm reposting this is because the other issue is marked "Answered", because I thought the .flv and .swf extensions were not enabled, but just found that indeed they are.  Are there any known issues that would explain this behavior?   Thank you.