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    Help! Template disappears in design view


      I am beginner/intermediate level CS3 DW user. I work for a university - satellite campus, and our developer designed a template from whichI have been working successfully from for the past year and a half. All my pages have the basic template plus a university header.


      I work in split view and usually can see my template...so by and large, what I see in front of me is what gets published. Somehow, I have lost the ability to see the template. the style template. The pages are publishing correctly. But when I open a page to make some changes, all I see is white background, with the university header in place... For instance, on the univeristy header is a look up A-Z...and now I see each letter going down in bullet form





      and so on....my main content begins at about line 850. I can go in and correct a mispelling...and the page will publish the way it should, but I have lost all my visual formatting and references...the green background that is seen when you visit the site (www.rec.udel.edu), which is unerving...as I need the framework of my template to see how the page is supposed to be looking. All of the pretty stuff that shows up in the end product that I always used to see is now gone.


      I have evidently clicked or unchecked something. Any ideas? Screenshot attached. Much obliged!dw image.jpg