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    Writing Form Data To A Access Database (.mdb)

    DubDubDubDesigns Level 2

      Hi There


      I need some help.


      I have developed a form for internal use here


      But I need to collate the information in a central database and I dont know how.


      I can get a connection established to the .mdb via the windows data connection as a system DSN


      Here is what I have and need


      I have a .mdb file as DataConnection1 that I can connect to .


      The mdb file has a table called IOA, in the IOA table is the following fields



      Creation Date - DATE / TIME

      ATEX Required - BOOLEAN (ON/OFF)

      Atex Complete - BOOLEAN (ON/OFF)

      Sales Required - BOOLEAN (ON/OFF)

      Sales Complete - BOOLEAN (ON/OFF)

      Engineering Required - BOOLEAN (ON/OFF)

      EngineeringCompelte - BOOLEAN (ON/OFF)

      Operations Required - BOOLEAN (ON/OFF)

      Operations Complete - BOOLEAN (ON/OFF)


      (I know there is spelling mistakes - I do not have access on my machine and someone else set it up for me (Doh!) - They are correct as above)


      The FormNo field will be a unique value


      I need to have the form create a new record if the FormNo does not already exist, and amend the record is the FormNo does exist.


      The FormNo will come from a Textfield

      The Creation Date will come from a Date/Time field

      All the rest will come from CheckBox's




      If so I would really appreciate some guidence.