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    Moving Groups of Tracking Points after Motion Tracking


      I ran the motion tracking on some footage, and watched the tracking closely to keep the square on the person that I am tracking.  However, once I applied the tracking data to the null layer, and attached that to the adjustment layer (which has gausian blur enabled) a lot of the tracking points are way off.


      The footage starts off fine, but then huge groups of tracking points 1000's of frames in length are off where the live tracking points were by a large margin.  Is there a way to mass edit these points to bring them back to their proper place, or is the only solution going frame by frame and point by point to bring them back into their proper position?


      This is on a Windows Desktop machine running Windows 7 and After Effects CS4.  If you need any other information, just ask.

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          Pre-compose the tracking data to a solid in a sub-comp and use that as an adjustment layer. You are simply seeing expexted behavior since you are creating a mismatch between adjustment layer dimensions vs. your footage/ comp dimensions and do not compensate for that. You can of course also try to do just that by using expressions like




          Where you replace the offset with numerical values. That may not necessarily solve your problem, though, so try the first suggestion.