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    'An unimplemented or obsolete function was called'


      I've just downloaded and installed Adobe Reader Version 9.3.0 for Mac (file size is 210.1MB).  However, when I try to download the 9.3.1 update I receive the message above.


      Is my installation defective?


      I downloaded Adobe Reader because I need to print out a file which has a '.do' extension.  (The file was downloaded from my health insurer's website and is needed for income tax purposes - the file name is a bit strange to me - 'displayPdf.do' and the site states it requires Adobe Reader to open).  I can open the document but I can't copy or Print it.


      When I try to print the document I get a message 'The document could not be printed' and then a second message stating 'There were no pages selected to print'.  This is despite the fact that I go to Edit and Select All (and the pages show as being selected) before I try to print!


      Can anyone tell me what I am doing incorrectly, PLEASE!