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    POPUP WINDOW generation


      i'd like to generate a popup window, much like how on apple's website, the close-up pictures pop up ( http://www.apple.com/keyboard/), or something similar. basically, i'd like my viewer to be able to click on a small picture and have a bigger picture pop up in its own window, w/ a close or X button. is that possible through the "getURL" action script? i reckon that this AS only applies to URLs. any direct help or link to a good source site would help.

      thanks a million!!!
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          C-Rock Level 2
          i always just make mine in flash. create a background that is the same size as your stage. then turn it into a movieclip with a blank first frame and a stop. make it like 20 frames. the first 10 for the popup window in animation and 10 for the out.

          when a thumbnail is clicked it sets a variable equal to the link of the image. when the popup gets to frame 10 you have code there that takes that link and loads the image.

          make a close button that goes to the 11 frame and plays.

          i usually make the actions layer go like this.
          frame 1 = stop();
          frame 2 = "in";
          frame 10 = stop(); and other code for loading an image.
          frame 11 = "out"
          frame 20 = nothing, let it loop around to the first frame where a stop is and it is totally blank.

          make sure this is on a layer that is higher than everything else.
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            alpeve Level 1
            thank u very much! i'm fairly new at flash, but i will sure give it a try. i appreciate the help!