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    FB4 standalone (OS X) vs plugin (Win)


      From the Partners software download page, I downloaded the standalone FB4 for OS X, and the Eclipse Plugin for Windows.


      Two and a half questions:


      On FB standalone/Mac, the Start Page reads "Adobe Flash Builder 4 Standard". On Eclipse/Win with the FB plugin, the Start Page reads "Adobe Flash Builder 4 Premium".  The respective Help > About windows maintain "Standard" for standalone/Mac and "Premium" for plugin/Win - both show build 272416.


      On the Parnter's page, are the standalones all Standard and the plugins all Premium, or are the Mac versions all Standard and the Windows versions all Premium?


      On the standalone/Mac, there's a distracting 1990's-era animated throbber when viewing Web content (like the Start Page), but on the Eclipse/Win plugin, it's a static Eclipse icon. As with the first question, is this a difference between the standalone and plugin versions, or between Mac and Windows versions?


      And how do I kill that throbber?