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    How do component designers make interactive swfs?

    celebritymusic Level 1



      I'm making a Flash component, and want to be able to graphically change it's settings like in this example:


      http://www.flashcomponents.net/component/flash_photoflip_as2.html?utm_source=flashxperienc e&utm_medium=email&utm_content=phfliplink&utm_campaign=march23


      I was wondering what process they use to do this?


      For my component, I've currently set it up to receive all it's parameters from a text file, and I've created a crude editor form that simply overwrites that text file with whatever the user types in the form, and then refreshes the component swf so you can see the effect the settings have.


      It works, but I really like how the above linked example is instant (no refreshing required).


      What's got me puzzled is how they separate the component from the editor?  I assume the editing tool loads the component into itself, but then how do they permanently update the component's settings, and on the fly?


      Thanks for any info you have on this.