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    cross browser issue

      i have created a photo upload tool which works fine in internet explorer.But when i try to execute the 'upload' command in firefox i get Erro#2007 and i cannot move ahead then .What could be the problem ? Thanks in advance.
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          kcell Level 2
          Hi jaeej,

          the error code means
          2007 Parameter _ must be non-null.

          Maybe you can give us some more technical details what you are doing or maybe post some example code.

          best regards,
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            I solved the mozilla firefox problem.
            The problem was with the flash variables. I wasn’t passing the variables in both OBJECT and EMBED tag (just was passing them in OBJECT tag, which Internet Explorer could identify but Firefox couldn’t).
            So while uploading, the flash variables were not available to Firefox and thus it gave TypeError (as it used to get null values) every time I invoked upload ().
            Now it can fetch the variables from the EMBED tag.
            thanks :)