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    Moving Stuff Around!!!!


      I love dreamweaver, except for the fact that you can't drag anything.


      In Frontpage for example, you make a new layer to type stuff in, you can drag and move it around.  Same deal with Visual Web Developer 2008.

      Same deal with links, tables, everything.


      However in Dreamweaver...


      I make a hyperlink..the only thing i can do is hit return or space, center it, etc.

      Same deal with tables, text fields, etc.



      If Dreamweaver is supposed to be easy to use... you'd figure you'd be able to drag stuff....right?

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          how about you would participate in this thread: "Dreamweaver CS5 wish list"  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/516526?tstart=0?




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            kirill2424 Level 1

            I feel like this is such an obvious question that there actually is a solution that I just don't know yet because I'm new.


            I don't feel like a new version of Dw will solve the problem.


            There must be a way to drag stuff that I haven't found out yet...someone just needs to post it.

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              hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              ok, let me/us see what you're talking about with a link to your website.


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                John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can drag stuff around in Dreamweaver in what used to be called "layers" (now known as APDivs, because that's the technically correct name - Absolutely Positioned Divs). But it's rarely wise to do so.


                Insert an APDiv, enter your content, drag.


                However, all web code follows rules and there are downsides to having this misguided "freedom" to drag stuff around. Dreamweaver doesn't necessarily make it hard to use APDivs but it does ask you to think about what you're doing since APDivs are not often a good solution for laying out pages unless you understand how they work.


                Just pointing, clicking and dragging will eventually end up with an inaccessible mess. Your pages may break or look different on different browsers and you'll wonder why.


                Learn HTML and CSS and see why dragging stuff around is for desktop publishing, not web design.