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    Jerky pans in compressed video


      I have had a recurring problem when rendering video to various compressed formats. I would be extremely grateful to hear feedback from peoploe who have had this probelm and found out how to conquer it.


      The problem is:  When making video where camera pans or other camera motions are used, the video plays fine during review on the edit screen or on DVD, but when compressed, very jerky results are obtained.


      I am using Premiere Pro CS3.  Footage is taken with a Sony HDR-FX1 prosumer camera. This effect seems to occur in all compressed formats.  It occurs when uncompressed avi or QT animation files are sent to Youtube.  It occurs at DV resolution as well as 1440 X 1080.  Output is set to de-interlace upon export.  The effect seems no less prominent at bitrates of 1Mbps than at 300-500 Kbps.


      I frequently see really good quality videos on Youtube where pans, zooms and other camera motions are used as well as even handheld camera shots.  I have contemplated  selling my belowed Sony HDR-FX1 camera and purchasing a similar quality camera which can record true progressive video, but am not completely sure that this will solve the problem.


      One other request.  I have recenty delved into mastering in hi def.  For just a few layers of content, this works fine. However, my last video had about 12 layers.  Response becomes extremely sluggish.  Workspace render takes a couple of HOURS!!!. Render of a 5 minute video into FLV at same resolution takes 2 hours!!!.  Is this typical?  Caomputer setup is an HP desktop, 32bit Vista Ultimate, 4GB RAM, Nvidia upper 8000 or possibly 9000 series card with 512MB RAM.  Are there settings to optimize Premiere Pro?  I notice that when I open After Effects CS3, the start up screen displays the % of 2 GB RAM unitl 100% is reached and the program them opens.  It seems that AE is not utilizing the full 4 gb of system RAM available.  Perhaps the same is occuring with Premiere, although the % meter does not show when opening Premiere.  Can Premiere (and AE) be set to utilize the full 4 GB?  Would this speed up workspace render and output renders?


      Many thanks in advance for your help.




      Jeff Deuitch

      Impact Video Tours

      Palmetto, FL