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    DAT Backups

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      Im running Adobe Central Pro 5.5, when the application I'm using sends that DAT file to the data folder I see it for an instance and then it disappears, which is fine, I get the output on the printer. The problem I have is its not creating a backup of the DAT file in the backup folder.


      I have modified the jfserver.ini to have the path of the backup folder, but I'm still not getting a backup of the DAT file, is there another location or setting that I have to change to have a bakcup of the DAT file?


      Any help or suggetison would be helpful.



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          tse020673 Level 1

          You have to restart Central Server if you changed the jfserver.ini.  If you haven't done it already, give it a shot.  Also, check the jfmerge.ini file just in case there is a setting about backing up the fiel when Cental is done with it.