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    Best way to use tile container?

    saisri2k2 Level 4

      Hello there,


      I've a Tile container. The content of the Tile container is a bunch of checkboxes(Could be more than 20). the tile containers height should vary depending on the number of checkboxes it has and also wrap the labels(Again i have problem with the Label field of the check box.. it does not wrap when the text is lenghy). When i run the tile container with the following lines of code


           <mx:Tile maxWidth='770' direction="horizontal" borderStyle="none" verticalScrollPolicy="off" 
                verticalGap="0" styleName="popup">               
                     <mx:Repeater id="rep" >
                               <mx:CheckBox id="cbDiagArray" label="{rep.currentItem.name }"   



      i get tile container but the height is not varying properly. I hit a Vertical scroll bar after all that.. is there a way to remove the vertical scroll bar.?? Or is there a container similar to the tile container which positions all the children in a perfect order - equal distance from each other..(I know there is flow container, toolBar component but i need them in equal distance - i cant use width on the checkbox as they are created dynamically)