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    Moving site from beta to live location


      We are revamping our website with an entirely new site.  Development for the new site is being done in a subdirectory \beta while the current site is live.  I want to make sure I understand the steps to move the site from \beta to the root when I'm ready.  Several threads discuss this in general terms, but I want to make sure I understand the details before I get too far in development.


      I have set up my new site in a \beta directory.

      In the site definition, under the local tab:

      In the site definition, under the remote tab:

      • Host directory is: /public_html/beta/


      When developing pages in my site, for links I am using site relative links.

      This creates a link that looks like for example: /beta/instructors.html

      I can put my files up to the remote site, and test my site in the live \beta directory, including testing that all the links work.


      When ready to move the files from the \beta directory to the root directory I will:

      1. Change the site definition local tab: HTTP address to "http://danceworkstudio.com" (removing beta)
      2. Change the site definition remote tab: Host directory to "/public_html/ (removing beta)
      3. Put my files to the remote location, which is now the root.

      And when I go to the live root site all the site relative links will still work.  Yes?


      Do I have it right?  Is there anything I'm missing?

      When performing steps 1 & 2 above does DW actually change all the html file site relative links to remove the "/beta"?


      Thank for your help.  I'm tentative since the transfer from our temp hosting site to actual did not fare a well so I'm trying to double-check beforehand.