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    Question: CR2 file conversion


      I originally had ordered the CS4 Extended version, however I was in a hurry to get it installed, and did not realize for over a month that I did not have the extended version that had arrived shipped to me. Upon noticing the difference eventually, I called, they sent a new version, I installed it, send the old unextended version back, and thought my problems were over. Until I shot a photo session in Raw format, and the files saved as a CR2 file, it will open the thumbnails in Bridge, but not in photoshop, any suggestions?


      I'm working on an iMac, shooting with a 50D...Help? I'm at a loss for what to do, I looked for a CR2 plugin, but don't see one, but doesn't mean it's not there, I'm not 100% Mac savvy yet, I'm still within the first year of working on one.