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    Problem with displaying updated childrens for hierarchicaldata in AdvDatagrid




         I am displaying heirarchicaldata in advanceddatagrid.

      I am creating hierarchicaldata from an ArrayCollection with includes bean as following

      package custom.beans
           import mx.collections.HierarchicalCollectionView
           public class Repository
                public var name:String;
                public var children:HierarchicalCollectionView = new HierarchicalCollectionView();
                public function Repository()


      The ArrayCollection and hierarchicaldata  are bindable
      I have set this hierarchicaldata as dataprovider for advdatagrid. The advDg show the tree and all the childrens under it.

      When I am updating children to the any bean int the ArrayCollection it reflects to the hierarchicaldata but, its not rendered under tree.

      The updated childrens are not displaying under the node.

      When i debug application, The dataprovider for the advDg shows the updated children for the respective node.

      Why its not rendered under that node then ?


      On selection of that node i am displaying the childrens on another datagrid, there it shows all the childrens which are updated with old childrens.

      Can anybody suggest what is going wrong ?


      Thanks in advance.