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    setting s:ScrubBar's `height' property has no effect

    A. Grahn Level 1



      In order to build my own video player with controls floating above the video display I am using the classes defined in the spark.components.mediaClasses package.


      While trying the ScrubBar class it turned out that setting its `height' property inherited from the HSlider class has no effect. The scrub bar is always displayed at its default height but I would like to be able to have it set myself. Is this intentional behaviour, or is it a bug?


      Here is a minimal example which places a ScrubBar on top of a HSlider:


      <?xml version="1.0"?>
          <s:ScrubBar width="100%" height="50%" />
          <s:HSlider width="100%" height="50%" />


      After compilation, the resulting SWF can be directly opened in Firefox or in another browser. When resizing the browser window, width and height of HSlider are adjusted accordingly. However, as of ScrubBar, only its width gets adjusted, but not its height. I wonder if this is a bug.


      Thanks in advance for any comment.