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    Different Background Colours/Images for Different Menu Items in Spry Menu

    mhtruflo Level 1

      Hi, I am created a Horizontal Spry Menu Bar in DW.  In this menu, I want Item 1 (i.e. the Home button) to be a different colour to the other items, both when it is inactive and on mouseover.  By different colour, I am not refering to the text, rather the background.


      Not only do I want this (!) I would also like submenus to also have different colours when inactive, but visable of course, and on mouseover.  I've attached an image to demonstrate exactly what it is I intend to do.  Have searched on Google and can't seem to find advice for this exact problem.  Surely it must be possible?  I've spent quite a bit of time trying to do this, however I'm having no joy.  I hope somebody can tell me something which will make me kick myself!



      design eg.jpg