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    Different 3D values SAME POSITION bug?

    sergio_zambrano Level 1

      Motion tween with 3D rotation and scaling.

      Frames copied, then reversed, to get a mirrored/reflected/inverse motion (A-B B-A)

      Animation looks fine so far, rotation seems reflected properly (same animation going backwards)


      Now, the VALUES of 3D object don't match the object.



      first frame the object has no rotation, but scaling.

      Last of reversed frames look the same, BUT rotation says 76 deg, and Y position is 3px, instead of cero.


      When tried to edit scale or rotation, position of object changes dramatically, like resetting object's center point to middle.


      The more I edit it the more it goes crazy. e.g. taking Y to cero makes 3dY -3px, changing 3dY to cero makes Y 6px, and so on!


      Using 0 degrees for rotation puts the object in a weird position (probably -76 deg)




      Issue seems to happen when some of the keyframes values match cero or 180 or -180. Then, if one value is changed from the panels the amount of change is ADDED UP to other keyframe values.

      (manual 3D rotating tool works fine, although numbers in panels won't match)


      Flash CS4, Mac Intel