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    Pre8 new project and open project fail to open


      I had Pre 8 working before I done nothing to may computer and now I only get the welcome screen. If I go to new project or try to open a project . Nothing happens only the lines moving showing somthing is about to happen but nothing does .


      I tryed to open a .prel file and I see the small purple box for 1/2 a second then nothing.  I installed the up date still nothing. I went back to a restor point where it was working and its the same.  I unstalled all of it and redownloaded the program same not working.


        I installed the PE8 runner.  I get a Error failed to launch.  Specifically: The system cannot find the file specified.


      I know its there If I start a prel file I see it try to start then go off.  All my files are in te same folder as when I last worked.


      What do I do?