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    Renaming a Master Page with a Title field variable

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      I have uncovered a "feature" of renaming a master page in RH8 under a specific scenario that other users may find useful. All our master pages have the first line of the body with a Heading 1 style and a field variable to map to the topic's title. The idea being that each topic created with a master page attached, has the first line with the topic title in the Heading 1 style. Great. It works like clockwork.


      We then found that we needed to rename one of the master pages. This all worked well and new topics created with it continued to be created with the appropriate title and style. However we noticed something peculiar with the field variable inside the master page. Take the following example:


      Here I have a master page called "Colum". All is as it should be and the world is a better place for it. The tab, field variable and master page file name are all called "Colum".


      Now let's rename the master file to "ColumMc". The tab and master page file name are appropriately renamed but the field variable is not. Weird. But there is no need to worry. As I have already stated, new topics created with this master page DO pick up the correct field variable.


      So how do you get the field variable to rename to the same value as the tab and master page file name? Well I found out eventually. You display the Master Page Properties, and once there, click OK.


      Bob's your uncle and you can go on to breath again.


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