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    Designing Spark Component Skins

    daslicht Level 2



      I know that there are some extensions for Fireworks, Illustrator, PS to design Halo Skins.


      Now since we have Spak I am looking for tutorials how to design skins in Fireworks, Illustrator,

      PS etc and export them for the usage in Flash Builder 4.


      I already have done a search but only found programatic skinning or old tutorials for halo based components.

      Any help is welcome




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          prksingh Adobe Employee

          I would suggest using Flash Catalyst Beta. Using Flash Catalyst you can draw your components, style them, add states/ transitions and Flex code would be generated for you. This code can then be directly imported into Flash Builder.

          You can download Catalyst beta from: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashcatalyst/


          You can also do it in Illustrator and other tools.


          Adobe Illustrator workflow to import components in Flex


          You can save any work that you have created in Adobe Illustrator in a FXG format. FXG code can be directly pasted into mxml with minimal changes. As an example FXG code for a complex rectangle(created through Illustrator) might look like this:


          <Path winding="nonZero">


                 <SolidColor color="0000FF"/>




          As you see this code has no namespaces. You can just add the namespace and it should reproduce your Illustrator component in Flex


          <s:Path winding="nonZero">


                 <s:SolidColor color="0000FF"/>



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            daslicht Level 2


            yeah I know that way, but this is quite limited, e.g: what about when I like to skin a Tabbed Navigation


            Thank you