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    Images Problem in Firefox -- very weird -- please help!


      Hi all, I need your help here with ideas...


      I have built a site that is 100% Flex, full size.  It uses images in two different ways: Image controls and HTML text.  Both are populated dynamiccally from XML resources.


      In IE, these all work perfectly.  But I get some very weird behavior in Firefox.


      I have a list with a custom item renderer using Images.  When the user clicks on the list, a pop-up Canvas is displayed with the same image and an Text area with htmlText in-line Images. In Firefox, these images do not populate -- neither the table nor inside the text -- but the text shows perfectly, even spaced around where the image would be.


      But elsewhere in the application, I have an Image control populated the same way, except driven by a datagrid selection, and that one WORKS FINE.  I also have other Text areas using htmlText, populated the same way, and the in-line Images work great there in Firefox. 



      What is going on???