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    Tip: Loading dynamic plugins locally

    bringrags Level 4

      One of the questions we've heard on a number of occasions is "why can't I load a dynamic plugin locally?"  For a while I assumed this was related to Flash Player security, but I finally got around to looking into this yesterday, and realized that this was due to a bug in our code.  So if you sync to the latest in public trunk, then it should be possible to run a player app locally, and have that app load a dynamic plugin locally, provided that the plugin is specified with a "file:" prefix.  For example, if you run the AkamaiPluginSample, you can paste the following URL into the "URL" box (assuming that this is the path to the compiled plugin on your system):




      This should make plugin development/debugging a bit easier, as you won't have to post the plugin to a server after every change (or run from localhost).