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    BUG: Files not uploading during Check In after changing template and updating pages


      Hi all,


      I have recently started using the Check In/Check Out feature in Dreamweaver CS4.

      I'm having trouble with DW not recognizing updated documents when files are Checked In after updating the template.


      I made a change to the site template and saved the file.

      I was asked if I wanted to update files using the template (Yes), and was informed that the files would need to be Checked Out. (OK)


      After the update I changed to the View Local & Live Site view. Then I selected Edit > Select All Checked Out Files.


      I then selected Check In. A window opened showing all files being checked in. Most of these had a message after them saying:


      filename.html - same - not transferred
      filename.html  - unlocked


      Viewing the Checked In file online does Not show the changes.

      Opening the file locally (outside of DW) Does show the changes.

      Choosing Synchronize does Not show any files that need to be synchronized.


      If files are opened in the editor first while Checked Out the Check In process will upload the file.


      Checking Out the file again overwrites the correct version with the older version. This can be repaired by choosing Modify > Templates > Update Current Page




      Why does  Dreamweaver not recognized pages updated after a Template change?

      How do I update these pages so that Dreamweaver will recognize the changes Without opening every page first?

      One template is connected to over 5, 000 pages.


      Any help anyone can give would be appreciated.