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    Very Basic, but this puzzles me, Button's parameters...


      Hi, I 'm new to Flash, I have some understanding of it such as if I make a button, I go to the parameters part and then I can add my action code to my button to make it a link.


      I was following this guide and I get confused at step 2! http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art52102.asp


      Here is my .swf http://play2improve.kevreillyland.com/logo.swf I want the user to be able to click the "Twitter" button and the text and so on and it will change the browser page to Twitter.com/Play2Improve and so on (also for the links below those icons). However when I click my Twitter button to edit the parameters this comes up:




      It doesn't let me edit the parameters part to add the bits I need. I know I'm not using a standard Flash "button" but I selected the "convert to symbol" option and chose "button" on each graphic. Is this is what is stopping me, and if so, can I get around it? Thank you for your help!


      Here is my .fla if it's useful! http://play2improve.kevreillyland.com/logo.fla Thanks!


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