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    Special Character XML Web Service call from Flex

    AKris ...




      Let me first give a little background.


      I have to query and return data in XML format. To do so, I have created a custom DSC component. In cases where XML has special characters, LC throws error saying that XML is not properly formed. To over come this issue I used CDATA tag at DSC component. Now LC works as it should and I returns correct result.


      I have a web service call from Flex to get this XML result. Every time i trigger this web service I get an error message saying </document> tag is missing.


      I understand in Flex, web service returned data is wrapped in CDATA tag, thats what i causing all this issue.


      I am not sure, how to handle this situation, I am sure this is a common problem and there should be ways to work around it.


      I would really appreciate if any one could point me in the right direction.


      Thank you ..