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    Shading screen captures with drop-shadows



      Hi there, everyone.
      I have a bunch of screen-captures (.png) that I need to darken/shade so I can highlight a particular button or text box. The trouble is that these screens all come with a surrounding drop shadow, which I don't want to darken/shade. The images are all of different dimensions, but the drop-shadow is always the same, so I was hoping to insert a gray box (with rounded corners, in case that matters) via script or action that is a fixed number of pixels (x by y) smaller than the canvas (and a couple pixels north of center).
      Anybody know how to do this, or have a better idea?


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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          On the Mac at least those window-shadows are transparent and have RGB-values of 0/0/0, so one need not mask them out if one clipping masks a black layer to the window’s screenshot and reduces that layer’s transparency according to taste. (Clipping Mask can be created by setting »grouped« for the top layer to »true« in JavaScript.)


          Edit: Sorry, I assumed you were talking about screenshots of single windows, but you probably mean screenshots of the whole desktop, so above would be of no use to you.