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    Lost Templates


      I built a site with Dreamweaver MX 6. I used a sample page/template that I found in the templates that accompanied my version of Dreamweaver. The template was for a health/nutrition site. Sadly, my hard drive died a horrible death and I was not able to recover all my files. When I re-installed Dreamweaver, the template did not show up. I had planned to use several of the sample pages: the product catalogue, the home page, the newsletter, and so on.


      I was able to recover the name of the cascading style sheet file, which listed the copyright of the site as being held by Macromedia. It was dated 2005.


      The name of the style sheet is




      I was also able to recover two images that supported the site templates: 








      Searching online, I have found a few sites (such as http://www.opsoa.org/pages/test.html?FCItemID=S001B040F) that use the cascading style sheet and the photos, but what I really would like is the entire template set with all the pages.


      SO HERE IS MY QUESTION: Can anyone help me find this set of pages/templates for the health and nutrition site.created by Macromedia? And can you also tell me WHY or HOW I lost all those templates when I reinstalled Dreamweaver? What did I do wrong?


      Thank You for any help you can provide.