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    Jamglue Deconstruction


      Hey guys,


      Trying to put a DJ mixer together in flash and have been tackling each obstacle one by one.  One feature I am trying to implement is something I saw on jamglue.com.  You can check it out if you go to http://jamglue.com and click on create a mix.


      Basically, the thing I am trying to replicate is the way audio is loaded into flash.  On the right top hand corner there is a button that says "add stuff to mix"  Click on that to expand it and the select popular stuff.  Once there, you can choose any of the songs you see and press the add button.  Once you do that, it adds an audio clip into the flash movie.


      So as you can see, that component (the list of music) is outside of flash yet interacts with flash.  I was wondering if anyone can give me a point in the right direction as to how to do this?  Again, don't want someone to script something for me, just any help would be fantastic.