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    Too many activations

    ewgeter Level 1

      This is an update to my 'too many activations'.  My Astak EZ Reader Pocket Pro (which I love) went 'dead' yesterday even after an over the weekend battery recharge. So I plugged back into the wall - went to Astak FAQs and read that until the reader can detect a full charge - it may take a time or two of charging to get it up to par.  (will just see how long this charge lasts b4 I make any other 'assumptions').


      Anyway - this morn I decided to once again try the ADE transfer of books to ereader (with a full charge on the reader).  Well unless Adobe did something magical overnight to my account, the 'full charge' seemed to be the answer to my woes.  I was able to move my acsm files over to the library and viola - on the reader.


      Now these are the steps I took to get here.


      Reformatted both my sd card ( I saved the original bin file on my hard drive)

      Reformatted the EZ Reader

      Downloaded the bin file with the updated firmware to the EZ Reader

      Downloaded the 'stand alone installer' for ADE

      Charged my ez reader 18 hours

      Booted up this a.m. and viola - was able to move the acsm files over to my library and on to the ez reader.


      I am no computer wiz tho I have learned a lot over the last 40 years with trial and error and a lot of  screaming and pencil breaking, but not sure why today and not yesterday.  I more than likely have driven the support person at Astak crazy - not my intention - but he has been wonderful.  So contact your ereader support team - and don't forgeto to read the FAQs on your reader, unlike me who did it after the fact.  Between the support team and the FAQs and these forums we will SURVIVE the electronic ( love it) world.


      Best to all of you out there pullling your hair out and breaking pencils.