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    RH 6 a website not responding - missing whver.js file


      This is usually caused by the whver.js not being copied over on the server during the publishing process.  A fix is to manually copy it to the correct directory.  Once this file is copied to the correct directory all is well.  Does anyone know why this is occuring.  It is not an every day thing but does occur occassionally.  Can anything be done to prevent this from happening?

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          ELALIB Level 1

          Actually, I found from speaking with the users it seems that it is not only that file that sometimes goes missing during a publish.  It seems there are various .js files that go missing.  Not sure why just .js files.  Any ideas?  And why it is sporadic?  The users were publishing with the option of "Republish all" which may cause some of the problem.  From what I gather this option deletes the files on the server.  Perhaps something goes wrong and some files don't get copied.  I've asked the users to publish without this option so that the files are not deleted.


          I'm wondering whether there is any contention happening on the file during the time the project is being published to the server and someone opening the website...or having it already open.  I'm wondering whether the recommendation is to publish outside of business hours.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            Republish All does not delete anything from the server, it just publishes all the files in the layout rather than only the changed ones.


            Deleting from the server is a manual process.


            The only time I have seen reports of not all files being on the server is when developers have undertaken the task and considered the WH folders and files unnecessary. From the sound of it, you are talking about you publishing via RH so that should not be an issue.


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              ELALIB Level 1

              Thank you, Peter for your reply.


              I thought I read somewhere that 'Republish All' deletes files.  Oh, well, that's not it then.


              As far as I know the RH server is dedicated just to RH so nobody is removing any files manually.

              The problem manifests itself by some functionality being missing or the page not displaying at all or partially.

              This is reported to our Help Desk and our production control team looks at the project files on the server and finds one of the .js files is not there.

              They manually copy over the missing one and all is well again. It seems to happen only to one project and not all the time.


              Our authors publish during the day and it is possible that someone has the project open at the same time that the authors publish.

              Could this cause the issue?

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi all


                An observation if I may. Sometimes folks severely confuse the act of Generating with Publishing. Generating should occur on the local PC and is similar to baking up a batch of cookies. You pop the doughballs in the oven and out come baked cookies. Publishing copies that content from the local PC (typically from the ProjectFolder\!SSL!\WebHelp folder) to the Web Server.


                I've seen it occur where folks simply try to save a step by specifying the Web Server location as the output folder when you generate. And if you have done this, files WILL be deleted as the process begins. RoboHelp normally clears the folder in preparation for placing the new build. It's like clearing the cookie sheet in preparation for the new batch.


                Food for thought when investigating what is happening.


                Cheers... Rick


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                  ELALIB Level 1

                  Thanks Rick for your input.  However, these are seasoned users and have their projects

                  set up correctly.  These projects are quite mature and their options have not changed in recent years.

                  But I had them check just in case and they were all Generating to their C drives and Publishing to the Server.

                  So that's not a possibility.


                  Any other ideas?