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    App on CellPhone?!



      Uploaded my FB4-app.

      Browse on my cell phone.

      I must select which OS/platform I am using to download the FlashPlayer; Win or Mac.


      It's not an iPhone.

      It's just my phone - it says "Verizon" on it.


      What do you reckon?

      Does that make it "windows?"

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          Most cell phone don't support a version of the Flash Player.


          Many upcoming smart phones will support Flash Player 10.1 [not released yet] which will also suppor Flex Applications.


          Many existing smart phones [not from Apple] have announced support for Flash Player 10.1 .


          Anything before that will most likely support Flash Lite, if any version of Flash is supported at all.  Flash Lite [as far as I knew] did not support ActionScript 3; and therefore will not support Flex applications.

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            nHero2 Level 1

            I used to work with Flash 3-4 years ago and Adobe made such a big deal that you could test/simulate it on Nokias and Motorolas - I just figured the collective "we" had advanced since then.

            It's hard to live in the future.

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