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    Time lapse Best Practices - Shoot & Edit ?s

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      I need to create some time lapse footage.  The subject is a construction site.  One camera position.


      The shoot:  I'll be using my Panasonic HMC 150 (AVCHD).  Its a long shoot, 2 days - up to 10 hrs each day.


      The edit: PP Cs4, on my Macbook Pro (dual Core).


      End use:  Client doesn't know, Probably web video, maybe industrial use on a dvd.  Not broadcast.


      So what do you think?  I have an idea of how the workflow should go, but I want to get everyones take on it. 


      Im thinking shoot at 720p, import into PP timeline, export every 6th frame as a tiff, then throw it back in the timeline?  Then export as what?

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          You would export to a file type  that suits your clients end requirement.


          How are you going to find every 6th frame over 20 hours of footage!


          Why not shoot with a camera capable of timelapse  eg HVX200.

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            I have done this on several Projects but shot stills, instead of motion. I just added a bulk back to my Nikon, ran it from an intervelometer and then scanned the chromes. Had digital capture been available then, it would have cut down on the equipment and on the scanning. Most pro-sumer and pro DSLR's have built-in intervelometers now, or one could hook up to a laptop and run software like Nikon Capture (imagine that Canon and the rest have similar, plus 3rd party offerings).


            I even did similar for a major hospital construction project, from 12 locations on 4 x 5, shot almost daily for over 18 mos. Obviously, that time-lapse was not every six Frames, but about every 24 hours. There were a few days, where we did this several times, like when the AC units were being lifted to the roof via a 200T crane, but the ~ 24 hour pacing was otherwise close.


            Just some thoughts, and good luck,



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              Bill...shooternz...what should he do if shooting single frames....a series of 3 frames per " time interval " ???  Is that the normal animation type thing at 24 fps  ??? What about 30 fps ??


              Like, shoot 3 frames every minute ???  duh....



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                Hi again...


                3 frames every 5 seconds ?


                How about battery life for camera...??  Maybe rent a little honda generator and power from that ??