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    Complete system shutdown when rendering - HELP


      Happens everytime during renders in Media Encoder - complete shutdown - BAM.Happens as well in premiere too


      I wonder if it's a Premiere/Media Encoder issue and not hardware. I tried to see if the system would shut down in After Effects CS4 so I spent a couple hours rendering out huge projects loaded with effects and it worked perfectly in AE. Also had Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Sony Soundforge all exporting/rendering while AE was rendering and the PC was fine. Only problems I can see is in Premiere CS4.


      I have updateded my video card and reinstalled CS4 completely.

      I downloaded the updates as well but the problem continues....


      Any help?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What is the CPU temp reading?


          A full hardware shutdown is most often due to CPU temp... since the CPU is worked HARD during rendering


          A CPU fan that is not seated properly, or with good heat sink paste... or some other lack of airflow... will cause this

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I completely agree with John T., as heat is the #1 cause for such issues. Down the line a bit, RAM, power supply and the MoBo.


            This ARTICLE links to Harm Millaard's Tools thread, and you will find some useful utilities there. SpeedFan would be my first stop.


            Hope that it helps,



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              Saeroner Level 1

              As I said tho the machine is fine when rendering big projects in AE + rendering in photoshop in the background all at the same time. It only crashes in Premiere/Media...


              I will check out the articles, thanks!

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                I am also having this issue with Adobe Premier. I installed a clean version on Windows 8 last night from the Cloud and edited my video without issue. I started the render and went to bed. About 35 mins into the render, my computer shut down.


                I am running a Toshiba Laptop.


                I use all types of CPU intensive applications on my computer without issue for hours on end. Even Premier works fine in the editing process for hours on end. As soon as I render in Premier, between 20-30 mins into the render my system shuts down.


                I am in a touch spot as of right now because I have an urgent job to complete, the work is done but I cannot make it past the render process without a shut down. Very unhappy bride at the moment I need to get this project in her hands ASAP.


                Someone please HELP!!!!

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                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                  Hi Mrmizzle,

                  It's probably due to the GPU overheating your system. Can you get that laptop under a fan in a cool room?



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                    Jim Curtis Level 3

                    If you can rule out heat, you might want to consider a corrupt media clip or plug-in instance.  I've seen both wreak havoc - not a shut down, but lock-ups and crashes.  If the problem happens at a specific instance in the timeline or export process, that's a clue.  You might rule this out by rendering/exporting a section between in and out near where you're having the shut down... or say half-way or some interval into the Sequence.  If the shut down comes earlier in time, that would tend to implicate something other than heat, and something else in the Sequence itself.


                    And this seems elementary, but make sure you don't have a power-saving setting shutting down your computer automatically.  I had this experience myself after a OS re-install, where the default was sleeping my computer after a default time period.