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    Some V7 vs V8 RoboHelp HTML Questions

    Debbie Hemstreet

      Hi all,


      Firstly, I apologize that I have to ask these questions here. I tried to message to support and make a phone call but gave up in despair. I could not get the people to understand my questions. I have no idea whom to contact to further discuss these issues. I hope someone here can advise wisely.


      1. In my current version of RoboHelp, v7, whenever I generate output (Webhelp), for no known reason, sometimes the CSS becomes corrupted even though I made no changes to it. I have learned to back up a read only version which I copy over into my project whenever this happens. Make it writeable, and then it works again - for a while.
        • Has anyone else experience this problem?
        • Is it a known bug in V7?
        • If yes, has the the bug been corrected in V8?
      2. I am a contractor working for a client with V7. Their license is installed on my computer. Once I finish this project I will return the license to them and uninstall RoboHelp from my computer. They have no plans on investing in an upgrade to V8. However, I am considering (big word, consider) adding RoboHelp to the help tools installed on my computer for using for other projects I work on. Is there any way I can install a DEMO of V8 on my computer without in any way impacting the V7 installation of my client? Should I buy it, is there ANY way, I can have BOTH versions installed on my computer so that my client is not stuck having to move up to V8 as well?
      3. I asked support if they had any white papers about RoboHelp that compares it to some of their competitors. I was told "no." Can anyone give me some wise advise as to how RoboHelp, in your point of view, is better than other Help authoring tools such as AuthorIt or Flare? What are the major selling points FOR RoboHelp in your opinion?
      4. Is a service and support package for 5 requests for help enough, in your opinion, for someone who is beginning to work on a very huge project that will need a lot of bells and whistles?
      5. Does V8 have any type of system for handling review of content?
      6. How is V8 WebHelp output on Safari? I am creating help for display on Safari browswers on a Macintosh. Can RoboHelp V8 handle this? I noted some discussions of bugginess at times in earlier versions.
      7. Does anyone create Help for Macintosh applications? If so, can you advise how this is best done through RoboHelp V8?


      Thanks in advance - your wise advice is greatly appreciated.




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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Debbie.


          1. I've not heard of this. Where is your project located? Hopefully on a local drive and not a network drive as this could explain the .css issue.

          2. Having two versions installed on your PC is not an issue. Just watch out for how you open a project. If you double click on an .XPJ file, just make sure it opens in the correct version. Once you've opened a RH7 in RH8 there is no going back. It is best to open a project from inside the application.

          3. You can compare HATs on the HAT Matrix. It may not be up to date as there have been various new versions of some products recently. It would be a good place to start though. It is located at http://hat-matrix.com/

          4. Personally I've always found these support forums more than able to answer any queries. I've never bothered with any support package.

          5. No, although you can output as PDF from RH8 and use Acrobat.com as a resource for reviewing content. There is a webinar on doing this here.

          I am not an expert on Mac OSs so had better leave advice to the remaining questions to others.


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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            I think there are some situations where two versions can be an issue.


            It is OK to have to full versions of RH HTML installed but I have seen people have problems where the later version was an upgrade licence as that does not permit the dual installation.


            In this case the trial will get installed as a full version but when it runs out, that will be dead and RH7 should still work. I have not heard anyone report one way or the other whether there are issues then.


            The other potential issue is if the poster also uses RH for Word which is possible as a contractor. Only the last installed version will work properly so if the trial is not upgraded and the poster did not use the option to not install RH8 for Word, that will be the last version and will be inaccessible when the trial expires if a licence is not purchased. In that scenario RH8 for Word will be inaccessible and RH7 for Word will be unusable.


            None of this may apply but it has to be considered.


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