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    Open letter to Adrian Ludwig and others involved in the Open Screen Project


      Since Microsoft decided to abandon the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform, Adobe shifted it's focus toward Windows Phone 7. As evident from Adrian Ludwig's video, some progress has been made. The video demonstrated Flash on the HTC Leo and Nexus One handsets. It appears that this work on winmo 6.5 will now be abandoned as Adobe is forced to shift it's focus on Windows Phone 7 and of course the Android as well.


      Is there any way  that the work that has already be done doesn't simly become abandoned? Can it be distributed to the developer comunity to be worked on, over at the XDA forums, for example? Thanks you.

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          Hello flash4mobile


          Actually Microsoft has not abandoned WinMob6.5. They have repositioned it as a platform for corporate users and there are millions of handsets shipping with it right now. It's a shame that Adobe has given up on its efforts to get Flash on this platform. Granted, business users may not be the ideal target for Flash content.


          On the other hand, the shiny new Windows Phone 7 series that was shown at Mobile World Congress and at MIX10 earlier this year is targeted at consumers. It has Silverlight at the core of its slick UI.


          I think it makes a lot of sense to have Flash Player in the browser on these consumer devices, however they won't be out until the holiday season this year I guess. Maybe Adobe don't want to stretch their resources too thin and are targetting only the most recent consumer-oriented devices.


          I would be curious to know whether there are plans to bring AIR to WP7 too?

          My bet is that Microsoft won't let that happen since the "native" app development environment for WP7 is actually Silverlight / .NET ...


          Adobeans: any input ?