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    Audio and Looping Images


      I've created a Flash SWF file that loops through a few images and contains an audio mp3 file. I made keyframes in 1 layer within frames 1, 21, 41, 61, etc... with a different image placed on the stage wtihin those keyframes. In another layer, an audio mp3 file was added to the keyframe in frame 1. When the movie is tested the images loop perfectly, but when keyframe 21 is reached a 2nd occurance of the audio mp3 files begins playing over the first, and then a 3rd occurance at keyframe 41 playing over the 1st and 2nd... all unintelligable. How do I have the mp3 file begin at keyframe 1 and not as multiple occurances playing simultaneously at all the other keyframes?



      Thanks very much!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the layer with your sound should have no keyframes except its first frame.


          if that's the case now, you have code elsewhere instantiating your sound or a keyframe elsewhere with the sound attached.  frame 21 sounds suspicious.

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            waterdad568 Level 3

            In your actionscript, probably on of those frames mentioned, you probably have a code calling another instance of the sound file. Start it on frame one, no where else through the timeline, or actionscript, and then stop the sound, and remove the instance on the last frame.

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