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    Why I cant open archived projects on my laptop


      I have still not figured out why I cannot open archived projects on a different computer than the one I archived them on. Someone suggested the codex files are different but I have no idea what I can do about that. When I try and open it says there is a serious error and the program has to shut down. I am using Premier elements 7 and archiving on a 64bit machine and trying to open on a  32 bit laptop both using vista. I can archive on the 32bit laptop and open on the 64bit, I can also open on my other 32 bit desktop that is 6 years old using windows xp.


      Any ideas on how resolve??




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          One thing to check between the various machines is just which CODEC's are installed, or not installed, on each. There are several utilities for this, but probably the easiest is the great, free utility, G-SPOT. At the top is a menu, Tables, where you can see the installed Video CODEC's on each machine. Make a note of these (going to be a lot of them), and then compare. You might have to Google on the CODEC name, to find a source, if your laptop is missing any.


          Also, with some flavors of Vista, MS omitted some common CODEC's, that were installed with the OS normally. There was an MS Vista CODEC "pack" on the MS Web-site. That might be a good place to check first.


          I am not a fan of general CODEC "packs," as most have hacked, or reverse-engineered versions of the original CODEC's, plus many install all sorts of "stuff," and much of it, like FFDShow give many Adobe programs fits. If you are missing CODEC's, beyond that Vista CODEC pack, I urge you to go "to the source," even if it means that you'll pay a bit for the original CODEC.


          Good luck,




          PS - with most of the Adobe MainConcept CODEC's, G-Spot will throw a false-positive for them being broken. This is due to the naming convention, that Adobe uses to keep other programs from overwriting those. The same false-positive will happen with another utility, Sherlock the CODEC Detective. Don't worry about that.