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    Access to "content" of graphics object of loaded SWF


      We have SWF produced in Flash that defines line graphics.  We load them into Flex via a loader and can access the content as MovieClips and Shapes. All that's working fine. My question is there a way from Flex to get access to the "drawing command" that where used in Flash - for exampe on a Shape object, can we get access to what's "inside" the graphics object of that shape?  We can get a reference to the shape object from Flex (and can use that do draw additional lines, circles, whatever) but we can't figure out how to access to what was draw on that shape in Flash.


      I notice in Flex 4 there is a graphics.copyFrom(sourceGraphics).  What we need is something like graphics.getContent():??? that returns a set of all the drawing commands (or an object hierarchy of some sort) inside the graphics object.


      Is this possible?  If not, are there other approaches to get to the graphics content (say via a Java swf reader or something)?